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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

One very very spicy Vindaloo and three flights later I’m looking out over Glasgow at night from the 16th floor.

But three flights from Gothenburg to Glasgow and arrival almost ten hours later and seven boarding card checks at Heathrow? Not really what I’d call functional logistics!

I’m here for the Posture and Wheeled mobility conference and I’ll try to keep you posted about haggis, shortbread and Ceilidh but most likely there will be more of that on my Twitter.


From A Taxi

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Out of the taxi window I try to capture a last glimpse of a super short trip. A different side of Budapest.

Flying Visit

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

A virtual postcard from Budapest.

Hello & Goodbye, San Francisco

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

San Francisco was nice to me and served sunny, warm weather all five days.
Steiner street, remember the TV-series Full House

Muir Woods and a slightly out of place phone booth.

Sausalitos homes on water.

Redwood trees.

Best dinner in the US, Shrimp tacos in San Carlos.

Goodnight. I will miss this view from Potrero Hill.

Above & Below

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Work is over. Now I have some quality time with Charlotte and we did all the touristy must-do stuff around Seattle. Well, not all  but a lot and enough to fill the weekend!

Sidewalk above.

Sidewalk below.

Asian cafe in International District.

Shaved ice w/ red beans, lychee, fruit cocktail and fresh strawberries.

Seattle Art Museum.

Twin Peaks Tour

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Guess who’s in town? My best friend Charlotte and I decided to meet in Seattle and hunt down Agent Cooper and the other characters of Twin Peaks, the 90s TV-series she was a big fan of. We had 15 locations on the map and made 9 of them. Here’s a selection. The link under the pictures will take you to a shot from the series at that particular location.

Ronettes bridge.

Sheriff station.

The Packard sawmill.

The Double R Diner.

Backfire Burger.

Cherry Pie and a “damn fine cup of coffee”.

Vanished in Vancouver

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

This is what it should look like. March 2008.

This is what is does look like. March 2010.

But I’m not complaining really. Apart from a minor storm going on outside I can work comfortably from my room and then take the shuttle to the mall. And hey. I’m in Vancouver and this is the place I feel the most Japanese I possible can outside of Japan.

Character Building

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

A memorable hotel has very little to do with the amount of stars it has earned. The ones I remember the best are never the classic 5* or the sophisticated design hotels. It’s the places that had “it”. Simple.

It’s when you know someone put heart and soul into creating an atmosphere that’s there not to dress and impress but to remind the guests of history. And do so with care, respect and a smile.

This hotel, regardless of nothing being my personal taste, gets all that “it”-credit for being creative, thoughtful and consistent.

More about the hotel.

From Steppe To Sea(ttle)

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

After some days in the desert basically it was a nice change to from brown to blue, from closed to open. And boy has the winter left Seattle and taken out some spring for us to enjoy. It’s so nice to be back and to see all the world colleagues get together.

Classic Seattle skyline.

Sunset over the Olympic mountains.

The Steppe

Friday, March 5th, 2010

It looks as if I’m in Richland, WA. Because I woke up to this view 06.30 today and noticed how still the Columbia River was outside.

We’re here to visit a partner, the company’s technician and I. Get a tour around their facilities with the other international distributors. And tonight my very first all American…wait for it….charity dinner! I suppose I can die comfortably now. Knowing I’ve done it all.

The ever so fascinating thing about Washington state is the transformation of scenery after crossing the Cascade mountains. It’s spectacular to leave the busy city, drive through the snowy top Cascades and suddenly exit in desertlike steppe landscape where wine farms are all around. Less than 2,5 hours from Emerald City.

I did this by myself last summer in an old Volvo 940 Automatic. Hanging out of the window like a happy dog I cruised Yakima valley for the great red gold.

Tomorrow we leave for some days in Seattle and I’m really looking forward to visiting one of my favorite cities again.

Take care.

Hup Hup Amsterdam

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The Toren Hotel. A place with true character reached after traffic jams, rain and dodging Dutch bicyclers.

If you’re tired of uncharming hotel chains and in need for some really valuable service from the hotel staff this is a true find. And if you appreciate little surprises like in-room espresso machines and iPod docks you’ll be well off here. I’m just happy there’s a bathtub.

Goodnight from Amsterdam and see you soon in Göteborg.

Hagelslag Country

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I’m still struggling with the lighting panels in my room. There’s this master panel at the bed that controls all the lights: bedside, wake-up, TV, entrance, reading and on it goes. Not a single one of these switches work the way you’d think. I mean I love the idea of being half asleep and turn off all the lights in the room with one press of the button. But there’s no reading light that works so I have to turn on ALL lights in order to read at all.

After checking in yesterday I was certain that they’d given me the wrong room. I thought I had gotten Dayenne and Yessikas room and felt embarrassed by reading their little, intimate welcome card.

I was about to call the reception when I read a little further. It was a welcome message not to Dayenne and Yessika but from them both, being responsible for the house keeping.

I’m can be such a n00b sometimes.


Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Tempelhof airport, Berlin. 1923-2008.

The birthplace of Lufthansa in 1926. The main building ordered by Albert Speer in 1934. One of the worlds 20 largest buildings. With the worlds smallest duty free shop.

A huge, deserted airport in the middle of the capital of Germany? I just had to go and feel the time stand still.

The images of the terminal building miss details such as waiting areas, the small duty free shop and other interior but can be seen here:

Terminal building. Missing is the waiting area and duty free shop.

Left: From the roof toop, the hangar area.
Middle: Main entrance.
Right: Unfinished ballroom (if I recall correctly)

Check-in counters, right. Departures, straight ahead. Above, restaurant.

Left to right: Gymnasium built by Americans 1945. Boiling room. Terminal.

Burnt out bunkers for film storage.


Saturday, December 26th, 2009

I read the above on an outside poster of a supermarket. And no. I never said German was a beautiful and poetic language.

Regardless though Berlin serves me not only great Turkish lamb kebabs and superb chipotle burgers at Room 77 it also provides a brief stop in time at Würgeengel, a classic cocktail bar that instantly takes you back some 60 years. The atmosphere, the interior and the bartender with perfect manners and crisp white shirt serves among the best classic cocktails this side of earth. For 8 Euros.

Apparently according to our personal guides in the capital of Germany the name of the bar derives from a movie which name I have already forgotten. Anyone?

Until then, some visuals of the drinks enjoyed.


Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The little kiosk on the next block is still open. They didn’t carry any double cream. I went with condensed milk for my eggnog instead, in my drink app referred to as “healthy”. With half a bottle of bourbon in it? Ah well.

Meatballs, both traditional and those with chili and ginger has been made from scratch. As has mumma. Musically rounded off with some homemade Swedish cumbia music performed live at the dinner table as an alternative to the traditional dram songs.

Now some are playing chess on the floor. The result of an earlier gift exchange. Others are typing on keyboards.

The wooden floor is hard and the night still young in Berlin.

Happy Christmas.