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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Busy and lazy. Busy renovating, lazy blogging and being sociable in general. But then I go through pictures and realize; I could do a lot worse.

Swedish Touring Car Championship, some weekends ago.


Summernights. With royal Charlotte-visits.

And then…back to reality.
Props to A. Bergek (and his Nikon D90) for photos.

Need For Speed

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Congrats to Volvo and Polestar Racing - winners of STCC 2009 at Mantorp Park, Linköping.

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It was windy.

Camaros showing off.

Volvo/Polestar mechanics. Race blood. Race kid.

Race dog.

Company car.

R8’s, Porsches & A Prince.

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

and then some! A day well spent in a comfortable 18C at STCC race on Falkenbergs Motorbana. This time WITH a fully charged and remembered camera battery as my companion. That’s why I finally managed to give you this day full of people, petrol, princes and Porsches. The full STCC album for your convenience.

Here the short version with comments.

Winner of the first finals in STCC. But I regret to inform you that I later discovered the error in this photo. Hint: the bubbly aint real bubbly. At all.

“No Chief Commander, we’re serious. We need a faster car in order to pursue the speeders and this sort of beats the Volvo. And we reckon fewer would mind getting a ticket from us in a Porsche.”

The Swedish prince himself in the Porsche race.

Nope. Not Formula 1. Formula Renault. Is that why everyone left at this point? I didn’t.