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Day Trois

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Today was not a good camera day. I was not really up for it for starters and second it poured half the day. Maybe I’m a nightowl when it comes to photos? Somehow the day ended better than it started, photowise.

Since I met this really sweet, funny and cool Swiss flight crew at the hotel lobby I haven’t had one single boring moment. They invited me to tag along and from being solo I suddenly had a temporary family of 8.

So back to the clichés. Since yesterday I had some great dining experiences and of course they include things like duck, lamb, oysters, baguettes, creme brulé, rose wine and very French waiters. Even if I’m constantly hungry I get fed properly at least, with this crew being the guides to good food. I ended today with a not so French but sublime meal at an Italian place called Pépone Cafe just around the block and some few meters from my last photo object of this trip. Au revoir for now.

Day Deux

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Exploring the French cliche’s, part deux.

  • In a country lacking proper breakfast traditions you might as well sleep in. And sleep in good. So that you’re ready for lunch at say…14.30.

  • Ever wondered why so many French cars have ugly bumps? The respect for traffic rules, other drivers and other cars are as developed as their breakfast habits. Still. There is a LOVE for cars. And I’m not complaining.
  • Tourists. Not as rowdy as expected but everywhere, slow, in baseball caps, sweat, couples and groups.

  • Paintings and statues at some museum. It think it was called The Louvre. At times impressive beyond comprehension, sometimes dissapointing. Because the aircondition wasn’t working properly and that was the reason I went in the first place. But an OK place to kill some time. Unless the museum guards try to pick you up. Is that even allowed?

  • The Metro IS the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to get around. The stations are also gorgeous, both platforms, entrances and exits.

Day One

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

So what have we learned from our first day in Paris?

  • Avoid morning flights on vacation. I fell asleep the moment I sat down in my seat and woke up by the aircraft landing in Paris. Then took a slightly too long powernap of four hours.
  • Charles de Gaulle airport is a giant riddle game ground. It took me longer to get out than than to learn French. And I don’t speak French.
  • The cliché is complete. Everywhere there are locals running around with baguettes, mostly on a scooter with their girlfriend in the back munching on the baguette.
  • Avoid obvious tourist spots. I will at most pass it quickly, take a snapshot with the wideangle that allows me to stay out of the crowd.
  • Don’t promise to keep this blog updated unless you know there’s really wifi in the rooms.

Yours truly, from Place Pigalle and Villa Royale’s wifi equipped lounge signing off and retiring to Jean-Paul Gaultier. (And it is a crazy hotel but it almost deserves its own post. We’ll see.)

Left to right: Some wall near Montmartre. My hotel. My lunch beverage.