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Goodbye Okinawa

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Tomorrow morning I’ll head north for Tokyo. Getting out of Okinawa mode will be hard. I became quite used to stroll around in my havaianas, not really doing anything but enjoy the weather, company or food.

Yesterday night Hiroshi, the mariner, took me for kaitenzushi (sushi on conveyor belt). I hardly ever eat sushi when I visit Japan as there are so many other nice things to try that you can’t have elsewhere. But kaitenzushi is always fun.

Today a young engineering student showed me around campus and then took me to Tropical beach. You’ll hear more from Tokyo. Sayonara, Okinawa.

Left: Campus. Right: Tropical Beach

View from the campus cafeteria.

Under the sea

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Cutest blow fish in town.

A sneak peak on life under the sea here in Okinawa. Our mariner Hiroshi and his two equally marine friends took us snorkeling and all of them, being marine biologists of course, can name all living things in the ocean. Hiroshi will even fetch things for you. Like a blow fish. Or a sea star. What a gentleman.

The snorkling crew of the day consist of three Japanese, a Swiss guy and me. All pro snorklers at the least, all of them scuba dive but they lowered themselves for me and mom today. Such nice people.

Clown fish a la Nemo.

We make such a nice couple I think, blow fish and I.
Todays pictures are courtesy of Hiroshi Inoue.

Okinawa by night

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Our marine biologist chills.

Not as late and long as it sounds really. Visiting the american version of Okinawa was interesting though. Very stereotypical and selected of course. Our guide, 23-year old marine biologist Hiroshi and his friend Yuka, took us for some pizza and then a tour of Chatan, American Village in Okinawa. You probably already know that there are several American military bases on Okinawa since WW2. I didn’t know there was so much activity going on there still.

Left: Signs says Sunset Beach. Obviously! Right: Signs says that there are a lot of skateboarding American kids. And they DON’T respect the common property!

Out and about in Okinawa

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Weather report says 25C, clear and sunny. For me, 25 is the most ideal temperature of them all. You can still wear jeans, a tee, your comfy sneakers and you can do almost anything in 25 C. Swim, shop, most outings (not skiing, but who cares!) and lifes just comfortable.

Also, life in Okinawa is at much slower pace than the rest of Japan. Very laid-back, manana manana JP-style.

Todays outing went to Shuri castle. I brought my little handy vacation camera as you can see. ;)