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Iceland Top Ten

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Here goes, the top ten list of the Atlantic country of Iceland.

10. Skyr. This Icelandic smoothie made our of Skyr, a non-fat youghurt made your heart sing after the Blue Lagoon experience.

9. Icelandic horses. Gorgeous creatures with a calm, even temper, strong and easy to handle.

8. Geysir - the original that gave name to all geysers out there.

7. The currency. Didn’t really get used to counting in thousands but the currency being in the state it is makes being a tourist from another weak-currency country much much nicer.

6. Gullfoss. Roaring waterfalls are always impressive. In a Grand Canyon like landscape and rainbows showing up every five minutes in the mist makes Gullfoss a unique experience.

5. Lobster and lamb. Local, fresh and well prepared.

4. The Icelandic bus tour guide. Hilarious and I’m not sure whether she was aware of the fact that she had most of the bus laughing or at least giggling whenever talking.

3. The tap water. Delicious.

2. Nizza. Icelanders may know how to cook lamb but honestly they don’t really have a clue about making good chocolate. Still, Nizza has been keeping me good company throughout this trip and I became so accustomed to it that I ended up buying some to bring home. Knowing that I will be the only one wanting another bite.

1. The Blue Lagoon.

See previous post for details.


Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Iceland is the strangest place. Can you go west anywhere else and have a two-hour jetlag? The Icelandic scenery takes me back to 1992 when our family drove through the Nevada desert. Only, here it’s 30 degrees colder with a freezing wind and snowy mountain tops.

I haven’t seen a single normal tree on the island (but apparently 0,3-1% of Iceland is woodland. It will not be this trips mission to find it). This makes the landscape look bare and the exposed houses and neighborhoods seem newly developed.

In this spirit I had one fantastic day. First an inspiring three hour workshop at the symposium, then a two-hour ride on Icelandic horses in the vast, lava-covered landscape, met a very sweet Japanese couple that not only shared my crush on Seattle but also had the Blue Lagoon on their itinerary after riding. This place is a must go when in Iceland. One hour pleasure, relaxation and total recovery of your soul, mind and body in a huge, natural, hot, outdoor pool surrounded by black lava. Since I only have two half days to explore I split it up between riding+lagoon and on Saturday after the symposium a geyser trip.

And I’m completely and utterly exhausted plus my Ischial Tuberosity hurt badly. Note to self: Consider taking up riding again.