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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

A bit broken, abandoned and bold - Glasgow through my iPhone.

A view from the hotel room.

Wonder who John is and what he does.

Outside the Glasgow Science Center. No, it’s not me in a kilt.

One of the neater bridges I’ve seen, beautifully arched from one side to the other.

The conference center and exhibition along river Clyde.

You’d think I’ve been here a week. But these things are all spots I found on my 20 min walk from my hotel to the conference (except the accident sign). Which was basically all the time I had ‘exploring’.


Sunday, June 6th, 2010

One very very spicy Vindaloo and three flights later I’m looking out over Glasgow at night from the 16th floor.

But three flights from Gothenburg to Glasgow and arrival almost ten hours later and seven boarding card checks at Heathrow? Not really what I’d call functional logistics!

I’m here for the Posture and Wheeled mobility conference and I’ll try to keep you posted about haggis, shortbread and Ceilidh but most likely there will be more of that on my Twitter.