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Frequent Flyer #4

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This flyer was banned from WordWeb after answering “4 times” to the question “How often have you flown the past year?” asked by the software itself. So I thought, who’d be a better Frequent Flyer candidate than this guy?

Monologuer gives you Mr. Stjernberger. And not St. Jernberger.

Name: Johan Stjernberger
Based out of: San Francisco
Travel mostly in Europe/Asia/North America
Occupation: Project Manager, Sony Ericsson

1) Favorite destination all times?
Kahana “kite” Beach, Maui.

2) Favorite airline/airport?
SAS, exceptional high standards even in economy extra. Not to mention the business class food served by a chef in a chef’s hat. Favorite airport Koh Samui, outdoor and fabulously laid back. And yes, they even have a business lounge with palm tree shadow.

3) Favorite seat configuration?
Mid cabin aisle seat. Freedom to move up and down and you can check out the stewardesses legs :P

4) Preferred aircraft model?
B747, the only aircraft that takes off and lands with grace.

5) Worst nightmare flight?
A very tropical turbulence approach to San Jose, Costa Rica. Vertical drop long enough to get people starting praying out loud.

6) 3 things you always bring in your carry-on?
My Sony full spec noise canceling headphones, toothbrush and an empty water bottle.

7) Are you the chatter or chatee with your neighbor?
I’m a switch!

8) Easy sleeper on flights, yes/no?
Yes, but only during taxi.

9) The flight is delayed. What do you do to easy the wait?
I take the opportunity to watch people and their reactions.

10) What do you always order when the pre-meal beverage cart comes?
Soda water on the rocks and one extra bag of snacks.

Frequent Flyer #3

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Third flyer out is a friend of mine currently living in Sweden but spent most of his time in Asia. Apart from English, German and perhaps French this blonde Swede speaks Mandarin and Cantonese as well. And now he has the job of making his beloved hometown attractive for conferences and events.

Ladies and gents, meet Mathias.

Name: Mathias
Based out of: Gothenburg, Sweden
Travel mostly in: Europe, Asia
Occupation: Project Manager

1) Favorite destination all times?
2) Favorite airline/airport?
Cathay Pacific. Very good service, good food and great entertainment system. Airport, that’s tricky, I loved Kansai international Airport but Hong Kong is great as well, I guess it’s a draw between them. 
3) Favorite seat location? Back/Front, Aisle, window, or emergency exit seat?
Window in the front of the aircraft. 
4) Preferred aircraft model?
Never thought about it, but I think Cathay Pacific’s configuration of the Boeing 777-300 ER is pretty nice. 
5) Worst nightmare flight?
Flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, 2 hours of severe turbulence over the Tibetan Plateau, people were praying…
6) 3 things you always bring in your carry-on?
Book, Pen and my computer
7) Are you the chatter or chatee with your neighbor?
Really depends on my mood and who is sitting next to me
8) Easy sleeper on flights, yes/no?
No unfortunately, but I really wish I was.
9) The flight is delayed. What do you do to ease the wait?
I Read a book or Magazine.
10) What do you always order when the pre-meal beverage cart comes?
Always water, and sometimes I have a glass of wine or a Gin Tonic to go with it.

Frequent Flyer #2

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I’m getting childishly exited about these interviews whenever I get the email back with all the answers. This months frequent flyer is a guy I’ve never met but I’ve been reading his eminent blog for years. The digital place where he turns customers services inside out and report with humor and warmth about little daily stuff going on being a father, husband and a world citizen.

Who knows. Some day I might bump into him at one of his favorite airports.

Until then, thanks for sharing K and letting Monologuer get a sneak peak into your world itinerary.

Name: Patrick Stahl aka Konsultpappan
Based out of: Malmö, Sweden
Travel mostly in (Europe/Asia/North America/South America/Africa/Middle East/All of the above)
All of the above
Occupation: Leadership Consultant

1) Favorite destination all times?
Barcelona. Hands down - never get tired of that city.

2) Favorite airline/airport (and why)
KLM has the best Economy Class service. Scandinavian the best Premium Economy service - and Lufthansa really kicks ass in Business Class.

Well - actually I don’t like airports. BUT - I like Schiphol airport, because I know that the Dutch woman selling tulips there speaks Swedish. I like the seafood bar in Brussels, and Bangkok’s international airport for the massages there.

3) Favorite seat location?
Front/Window for long haul - I have a big bladder and a need for sleep.
Front/Aisle for short haul - I want to exit fast when I have only carry-on luggage.

4) Preferred aircraft model?
I actually don’t like flying, but I want the planes to be modern and jets. No turboprop or old wrecks.

5) Worst nightmare flight?
Any number of flights within Russia…. One where my seat didn’t have a back. One where the co-pilot laughed and sounded super drunk over the intercom. One where the guy next to me threw up from the booze. I looooove Aeroflot.

6) 3 things you always bring in your carry-on?
Xinix (if you are not sure about the water/salad/food - it’s your best friend in a drop vial). Actually I always bring a small pharmacy in my carry-on. I don’t want to stand in the middle of a jungle trying to find a place that hawks penicillin ripoffs. I can deal with anything up to a minor bone fracture in the field.

Lots of backup Dollars/Euro in 20:ies bills (a language spoken in ALL countries if you need help fast).

My Doberman mobility alarm. If I have to sleep in a chair at an airport - I activate it. If someone takes my luggage all hell breaks loose. A lovely device - 15 Euros at Schiphol airport.

7) Are you the chatter or chatee with your neighbor?
Actually - I often pretend not to speak the language. I am good at faking accents, so I sometimes say in a really heavy Russian accent that “Sorry - not speak the English. Is Russian. Sorry.” I should be ashamed of this, but it just works so damn well.

8) Easy sleeper on flights, yes/no?
I am like the dogs of Pavlov. When they start pointing out the emergency exits - I go lights out.

9) The flight is delayed. What do you do to ease the wait?
I always bring extra computer batteries and my computer is loaded with 100-150 films/episodes I want to see. I can watch 10-12 hrs of Lost/24/whatever without having to recharge.

10) What do you always order when the pre-meal beverage cart comes?
Short haul - nothing.
Long haul in the evening - a Bloody Mary. Always.


Frequent Flyer #1

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Frequent Flyer 10 questions is a Monologuer initiative to pick frequent travelers brains. Something I always wanted to do. Julianna is first out. I know few people who travel as much as her but since it’s as much routine for her as our first morning coffee she had to think a bit to break her daily routines into answers. Let’s hear it!

Name: Julianna
Based out of: Budapest, Hungary
Travel mostly in: Mostly Europe, but 4-5 times a year other continents
Occupation: rehab engineer, currently doing sales, marketing, education, and giving great insight for product development

1) Favorite destination all times?
No such thing. Love it all. Prefer something new every time.

2) Favorite airline/airport?
Maybe Schipol, Amsterdam. Easy way around, not too much walking, enough shopping, and history with the Cone café – many years of first morning cappuccinos after intercontinental redeyes.

3) Favorite seat location?
Definitely aisle. No exit row, no front row, - hate long legroom. No row immediately before exit, no last row – need to be able to recline. Not the one before the last – people behind you will complain if you recline and they can not. Prefer towards the back – if plane not filled, higher chances of getting 3 seats to lay down. Early loading to put luggage in overhead. But if short connection, sit in front.

4) Preferred aircraft model?
Nothing really. Small planes of 2+1 seat configuration provide the highest, 66.6% chance of getting an aisle seat.

5) Worst nightmare flight?
Orlando to NY, Jetblue. Got on an earlier flight which had mechanical problem. Original went, ours stayed. From 4pm proposed, we took off at 12 midnight. Then emergency landing in North Carolina due to one passenger thinking he had a heart attack. At the end, 5 am at home. Many other times delayed overnight, but in this case we had to stay there during the whole delay.

6) 3 things you always bring in your carry-on?
Cellphone charger. Something to read or keep myself occupied with. Extra pair of shoes.

7) Are you the chatter or chatee with your neighbor?
No way. Please leave me alone. Usually either still asleep, or already tired, or have my head full of work. But polite and friendly if my neighbor is insistent.

8) Easy sleeper on flights, yes/no?
Yes, unless something unusually exciting occupies my mind.

9) The flight is delayed. What do you do to ease the wait?
Short delay – stay by gate and get emails done. 1 hr delay – get a drink at the bar. Over 1 hour – first shopping, then bar combined with emails.

10) What do you always order when the pre-meal beverage cart comes?
Morning and want to sleep – sparkling water. Morning and hungry – tomato juice. After work on way home – definitely some red wine.