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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Tempelhof airport, Berlin. 1923-2008.

The birthplace of Lufthansa in 1926. The main building ordered by Albert Speer in 1934. One of the worlds 20 largest buildings. With the worlds smallest duty free shop.

A huge, deserted airport in the middle of the capital of Germany? I just had to go and feel the time stand still.

The images of the terminal building miss details such as waiting areas, the small duty free shop and other interior but can be seen here:

Terminal building. Missing is the waiting area and duty free shop.

Left: From the roof toop, the hangar area.
Middle: Main entrance.
Right: Unfinished ballroom (if I recall correctly)

Check-in counters, right. Departures, straight ahead. Above, restaurant.

Left to right: Gymnasium built by Americans 1945. Boiling room. Terminal.

Burnt out bunkers for film storage.


Monday, July 20th, 2009

This guy was certainly not burning rubber on tarmac.

On my way out for an explore cruise I crossed paths with this fella’. I myself got a nice drive, got really scared and of course lost, all in just one hour.

What scared me? I saw this really cool, I thought at the time, abandoned house and pulled over at a construction site to explore. Unfortunately the house was well hidden until I made it to its front door. And I freaked out. I suddenly realized that this is not a home. It was a skeleton, burned out, torn, abandoned. Anyone could be inside. This former house had no owner, no family, no locks, no nothing.

I wanted to just run but since I made the effort I felt stupid if I left without doing what I came to do. So I put my gorillapod on some rummage (and with the wide angle you need to get as close as you dare) and kept my eyes shut until I left. Blll…Next time, if there is one, I will bring company.

Fresh Air

Friday, July 17th, 2009

After repeatedly reading tributes on how great the GTI goes in corners and how much fun it is to take is out for a spin on snaky roads it was finally time. Unfortunately I kept ending up behind Sunday drivers and it was only when I left the small isles and was back on the mainland the GTI could stretch properly.

I’m still trying to wipe of that grin that inevitably takes your face hostage. It IS a wonderful little car. But why isn’t there a good Swedish word for hothatch? I refuse to refer to my car as a …kombi. No matter what Transportstyrelsen says in their registration papers.

Waiting FOR the ferry. A longer wait than the actual 3 minute ride ON the ferry. Lucky I have a good view.

Stopping for g…no, wait. No, I was right, it’s just another beautyshot with an abandoned gas station.