Signal Lost

Readers discretion is advised. This post might contain a high amount of small-town-attitude.

So I try to leave early to avoid arriving in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, during mid-rush hour. I figure, referring to experience from Göteborg, Swedens second largest village, that arriving around 14.30 would give me plenty of confidence to locate my hotel downtown - a place where I’ve hardly ever driven before.

9:00-14:40 All sunny and dry, singing out loud in the car.

14:45 I hit Söderleden, Stockholm.

14:46 My GPS starts to come alive after being all “in 289 km, keep left.” Yes, noted.

14:48 I enter a tunnel. A LONG tunnel. We all know what happens to GPS signals in a tunnel. I have absolutely no idea what so ever where I’m headed and the tunnel seems to last forever. Traffic is heavy and my mood begins to drop.

14:50 Sweaty and needing my signal I exit and end up in Hammarby Sjöstad.

14:55-15:30 Downhill from there. Not only is the rush hour traffic getting really crowded, I also end up driving in the puddle of the city where my GPS can’t keep up with all the supposed turns and I feel like I’m winning the most-wrong turns-in-30-minutes championship for out-of-towners.

15:33 Parked in garage at hotel. I swear to myself it’s the last time I’ll drive in Stockholm.

Maybe it’s just me? But I’ve driven in Seattle, Vancouver, Orlando and San Francisco during rush hour. Never a problem. But then again, US road system is a bliss.


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