Two x Breakfast

Blissed business flying continues, this time with SAS Göteborg-Sundsvall via Stockholm. The peaceful turning of newspaper pages and the soft humming of the rear MD engines are true sleep enhancers. I don’t usually regard anything before 7 “morning” but SAS actually serving anything at all (fresh bread, muesli and tea) put me in a more forgiving mood.  And from null to nothing I got the same breakfast treatment on my connecting flight to Sundsvall. Even if I slept throughout the flight I woke up with the breakfast pack next to me. And it’s nice to know that I’m not the only alien up here. The second the passengers exit the plane in Sundsvall into -23 we can start talking mass-coughing. Go figure. From plus 23 inside to -23 outside will do that to your lungs.

I’m in the wintery north again. First business, then pleasure. This weekend I will get the opportunity to perhaps check another thing on my TTDBID list -learning how to ski. More on that coming up.

Late afternoon in Sundsvall - 11th February.

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2 Responses to “Two x Breakfast”

  1. Anonymous JP Says:

    Just remember: Tyngden på dalskidan! Hopefully you’ll get the reference.. If you don’t then i’m old!

  2. emotiv Says:

    Haha, I DO get the ref but only because some OLD men told me about it last week ;P Sorry, couldn’t help it!